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Native American Legends Series

Exciting news about my series of children’s books now available on Amazon.

All six books are written by me and illustrated by Belinda Cohen. Some are only in English, and others have side by side Spanish translations by Debra R. Sanchez.

The first two, ++When the Owl Calls for YouCuando el Búho Te Llama, and ++The Brave Birch/El Abedul Valiente, are bilingual picture books.

What is unique about these stories is that they are closely based on old, traditional, authentic Native American stories and legends. They were for generations told by tribal storekeepers and -tellers in what the anthropologists call “oral tradition.” And about sixty years or so they were shared by different sources with this author in the Grand Valley North American Indian Lodge, on reservations, at powwows, usually one-to-one in person.

The authentic “color” of these stories and legends includes traditional beliefs about owls as spirit-animals, direct connections to the great Spirit World, about the spectacular northern lights, the wild strawberry as a spiritual key and connection, departed ancestors, “What happens when I die?” Also expressed is an entertaining story repeated to each generation of young people about why the birch tree looks the way it does, an incident involving the mysterious Wood Spirit, and the importance of bravery and “standing one’s ground!”

All six books are now available, and deliverable in a matter of a few days through Amazon Prime.

Other books in this series are:

**Legend of the Niags is an illustrated chapter book. **Brave Hawk, Crane, and Pierre is a collection of short stories that follows the adventures and friendship between the title characters. **Woven Native American Legends is a collection of short stories with strong female characters. ++Bee Tree Honey & The Old Man and the Lynx/ Miel del Árbol de las Abejas & El Viejo y el Lince is a book with two bilingual illustrated stories.

They offer a thoroughly enjoyable journey, and a lot of fun for parents and their children!

You can find them here: NATIVE AMERICAN LEGENDS

** English only ++ English and Spanish bilingual book

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